An amazing week free ride guiding in La Grave !

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Take a small group of excellent skiers at ‘Skiers Lodge’ in La Grave for 6 days add a friendly guide and a generous helping of precipitation over three days and then close the road home ! Trapped in Le Grave. All the ingredients for a dream week on the planks!  

While waiting for the top of the Grave to open we explore for 2 days the forest between 2400 and P1, the snow is light and a smile is plastered to our faces. It is snowing heavily and our tracks disappear between runs. Once open to the top, the Trifid and Patou couloir ski in idyllic powder mode.

We spend on day in Montgenèvre, La Grave is closed. Its alway great to eat Italian pizzas in Claviere and tear up the off-piste. A couloir under the Rocher de l’Aigle, a few turns in the forests of Clavières and a nice descent to La Vachette ends a great day. Back to La Grave and it is nice weather, our first run off the top is the couloir la Voûte, one of the most beautiful routes in La Grave. First come, first served. We made the first tracks in 40 cm of fresh in la Voûte, it was the first time that I had been lucky enough to do this, and it is just incredible. I think was  one of my top 3 runs I’ve made in my life. The next day it continues but on the south side, by the descent of the Col de la Lauze, on Saint Christophe en Oisans. Same, 40 cm of fresh, only one group has gone ahead of us but the slope is wide and a couloir virgin snow awaits us at halfway down.

In short a dream week … where to next?

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