Athlete Profile : Notable Ascents


• North-East face of Les Courtes, 750m, 5.2 / E2 on skis
Peigne-Pélerins-Deux Aigles-Plan + Aiguilles de Chamonix traverse with a client, in 3 days
• 3 days and 3 routes near Eccles bivy:
      Anneaux magiques, ED, 6c, 250m on the Pilier Rouge du Brouillard
      Pilier du bout du monde exit Bonington route, TD+, 6b, 300m on the Pilier Bonington
      Directissime Jori – Bardill, ED, 6c, 700m, on the Central Pilar of Freney with the exit on Top of Mont Blanc.



• Piolet d’Or 2018, for the new route on Nuptse South Face.
• Postiche, 200m, M8, 5a, WI4+ first free ascent and first repetition of this route, Freissinières valley.
• Rif raf, 150m, M10, WI5+, Freissinières valley.
• Face de rat, 150m, M8, WI6, Freissinières valley.
• Cigare de Chichin, 60m, WI6, Freissinières valley.
• Intégrale ridge of Flammes de Pierre up to Aiguille Verte, 3000m of climbing, passing the petit Dru and Grand Dru, Aiguille Sans Nom. 3 days


• Gervasutti route, 800m, ED, 6b, A1, – On East face of Grandes Jorasses with clients.
South Pillar of Barre Noire, 650m, TD-, 6a, – On South face of Barre Noire, Ecrins with a client.
• Contamine route, 650m, TD+, 6a+, – South Pillar of Grand Dru with a client.
• Tronchey ridge, 950m, TD-, 4c,  – On Grandes Jorasses with a client.

• Cholatse (6440m), 1200m, D, 6a, M4+, Khumbu, Nepal, with a client.
• Nuptse Nup II (7742m), 2200m, ED+, M6, WI6, – A new route in alpine style on South face of Nuptse, Khumbu, Nepal.


• Link up Pilier rouge du Brouillard, voie Oggioni, 350m, TD+, 6a and Pilier central du Freney, 950m, TD+, voie bonnington, 7a+>5c A0 with exit on top of Mont Blanc.
• Nuptse Nup II, 2200m, ED, M6, WI6, A2 – A nice attempt on South face of Nuptse, Khumbu Himalaya.


Le Prestige Des Ecrins, 1000m, ED, M6, Grade 5, – a new route opened on the north face of the Pic Sans Nom, Glacier Noir, Ecrins. Nominated long list of Piolet d’Or
A Trois C’est Mieux, 250m, M7, A0, Grade 5, – a new route opened on the north face of Gramusat, Freissinières, Ecrins.

• Looking For The Void, 900m, M7, Grade 6, R in Alpine Style – a new route opened on Siula Chicco (6265m), Peru, Cordillera Huayuash. Nominated long list of Piolet d’Or
• Gabarrou-Silvy, 1000m, 6c/A2, Grade 6, L’Aiguille Sans Nom linked to Bonnatti-Vaucher, 1100m, M5+, Grade 6, North Face Grandes Jorasses – each ascent taking one day for the first time.

Border Line, 180m, M8, 6a, Grade 5+ – a new route opened in the Freissinières Valley.
• Les Racines Du Fiel, ED, 300m, M5, A2, Grade 6 – a new route opened in the Freissinières Valley.

• Strike, 200m, M7, Grade 6 – first free ascent

• New Generation, 300m, M7+, Grade 6 – a new variation opened on the north face of Gramusat, Freissinières Valley.


Expedition in Patagonia, Cerro Torre massif :
Franco/Argentine, on the Fitz Roy, ED, 650m 6c, in dry tool style in 24 hours non stop
Tomahawk (first free ascent) linked to Exoset, on the Aguja Standhart, ED, 800m, M6 – first link up in a day.

Ragni route, on Cerro Torre, ED, 600m, grade 6

• Mourre Froid, grade 6+.

• Byaisse Ta Culotte, 200m, D9 – a new route opened, first multi pitch for dry tooling in France