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Athlete Profile : Frederic Degoulet

Fred is at the forefront of an exciting new breed of ice and mixed climber.  He has taken his competition experience of dry tooling into the high mountains and achieved ambitious new routes previously thought of as impossible.

He is successfully opening difficult new lines on summits around the world, as well as envisaging and climbing bold new routes on alpine peaks. These achievements have seen Fred winning the prestigious Piolet d’Or award in 2018 for oppenning a new route on the south face of Nuptse in alpine style.

Ces réalisations lui ont valu un Piolet d’Or en 2018 pour l’ouverture d’une nouvelle voie en face sud du Nuptse en style alpin.

In the Autumn of 2016, Fred was part of a team of four, who went to Nepal to attempt an ambitious technical new route on the south face of Nuptse ( Nup II, 7742m). They successfully climbed a new line to 7450m before having to turn around. Their exciting footage will be made into a film and of course they will go back to complete this route.

In the Autumn of 2015 Fred, and his guiding colleagues, opened a bold new route on the Pic Sans Nom in the Ecrins Massif.  The line takes some very steep dry sections of the face and  generated a lot of interest in the media. Since 2015 it has seen a number of repeats by respected alpinists. The Line, named “Le Prestige du Ecrins” after his guiding company, and gave Fred and his colleagues a nomination for the long list of the Piolet d’Or.

In May 2014 Fred, and his team, opened a difficult new ice and mixed route up a 900m face of Siula Chico. This ascent is featured in a film “looking for the void” which is making the rounds of mountain festivals in France, Canada and the UK.  This climb, which saw Fred and his team nominated again for the long list of the Piolet d’Or, was featured in a number of articles in climbing magazines.

Fred is also a mountain guide and part owner of Ecrins Prestige, a guiding company based in Briançon. He guides clients on the hard mixed terrain he has made his specialty.

Contribution To Brands

Fred is an excellent sponsorship partner due to his high profile in the media and his active contributions to new routing around the world. He has also collaborated with designers to improve products by testing them to their limit in the mountains.